The list-style-position CSS property sets the position of the ::marker relative to a list item.

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It is often more convenient to use the shorthand list-style.

Note: This property is applied to list items, i.e., elements with display: list-item;. By default this includes <li> elements. Because this property is inherited, it can be set on the parent element (normally <ol> or <ul>) to let it apply to all list items.

Note that there is variance among browsers regarding behavior when a block element is placed first within a list element declared as list-style-position: inside. Chrome and Safari both place this element on the same line as the marker box, whereas Firefox and Opera place it on the next line. For more information on this, see Firefox bug 36854.


/* Keyword values */
list-style-position: inside;
list-style-position: outside;

/* Global values */
list-style-position: inherit;
list-style-position: initial;
list-style-position: revert;
list-style-position: revert-layer;
list-style-position: unset;

The list-style-position property is specified as one of the keyword values listed below.



The ::marker is the first element among the list item's contents.


The ::marker is outside the principal block box.

Formal definition

Initial valueoutside
Applies tolist items
Computed valueas specified
Animation typediscrete

Formal syntax

list-style-position = 
inside |


Setting list item position


<ul class="inside">
  List 1
  <li>List Item 1-1</li>
  <li>List Item 1-2</li>
  <li>List Item 1-3</li>
  <li>List Item 1-4</li>
<ul class="outside">
  List 2
  <li>List Item 2-1</li>
  <li>List Item 2-2</li>
  <li>List Item 2-3</li>
  <li>List Item 2-4</li>
<ul class="inside-img">
  List 3
  <li>List Item 3-1</li>
  <li>List Item 3-2</li>
  <li>List Item 3-3</li>
  <li>List Item 3-4</li>


.inside {
  list-style-position: inside;
  list-style-type: square;

.outside {
  list-style-position: outside;
  list-style-type: circle;

.inside-img {
  list-style-position: inside;
  list-style-image: url("starsolid.gif");



CSS Lists and Counters Module Level 3
# list-style-position-property

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