The animation-name CSS property specifies the names of one or more @keyframes at-rules that describe the animation to apply to an element. Multiple @keyframe at-rules are specified as a comma-separated list of names. If the specified name does not match any @keyframe at-rule, no properties are animated.

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It is often convenient to use the shorthand property animation to set all animation properties at once.


/* Single animation */
animation-name: none;
animation-name: test_05;
animation-name: -specific;
animation-name: sliding-vertically;

/* Multiple animations */
animation-name: test1, animation4;
animation-name: none, -moz-specific, sliding;

/* Global values */
animation-name: inherit;
animation-name: initial;
animation-name: revert;
animation-name: revert-layer;
animation-name: unset;



A special keyword denoting no keyframes. It can be used to deactivate an animation without changing the ordering of the other identifiers, or to deactivate animations coming from the cascade.


A name identifying the animation. This identifier is composed of a combination of case-sensitive letters a to z, numbers 0 to 9, underscores (_), and/or dashes (-). The first non-dash character must be a letter. Also, two dashes are forbidden at the beginning of the identifier. Furthermore, the identifier can't be none, unset, initial, or inherit.

Note: When you specify multiple comma-separated values on an animation-* property, they are applied to the animations in the order in which the animation-names appear. For situations where the number of animations and animation-* property values do not match, see Setting multiple animation property values.

Formal definition

Initial valuenone
Applies toall elements, ::before and ::after pseudo-elements
Computed valueas specified
Animation typeNot animatable

Formal syntax

animation-name = 
[ none | <keyframes-name> ]#

<keyframes-name> =
<custom-ident> |


Naming an animation

This animation has an animation-name of rotate.


<div class="box"></div>


.box {
  background-color: rebeccapurple;
  border-radius: 10px;
  width: 100px;
  height: 100px;

.box:hover {
  animation-name: rotate;
  animation-duration: 0.7s;

@keyframes rotate {
  0% {
    transform: rotate(0);
  100% {
    transform: rotate(360deg);


Hover over the rectangle to start the animation.

See CSS animations for examples.


CSS Animations Level 1
# animation-name

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