The TextTrackCueList array-like object represents a dynamically updating list of TextTrackCue objects.

This interface has no constructor. Retrieve an instance of this object with TextTrack.cues which returns all of the cues in a TextTrack object.

Instance properties

TextTrackCueList.length Read only

An unsigned long that is the number of cues in the list.

Instance methods


Returns the first TextTrackCue object with the identifier passed to it.


The HTMLMediaElement.textTracks property returns a TextTrackList object listing all of the TextTrack objects, one for each text track linked to the media. The TextTrack.cues property then returns a TextTrackCueList containing the cues for that particular track.

const video = document.getElementById("video");
video.onplay = () => {


HTML Standard
# texttrackcuelist

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