The parameter passed into the onnotificationclick handler, the NotificationEvent interface represents a notification click event that is dispatched on the ServiceWorkerGlobalScope of a ServiceWorker.

This interface inherits from the ExtendableEvent interface.

Event ExtendableEvent NotificationEvent



Creates a new NotificationEvent object.

Instance properties

Inherits properties from its ancestor, Event.

NotificationEvent.notification Read only

Returns a Notification object representing the notification that was clicked to fire the event.

NotificationEvent.action Read only

Returns the string ID of the notification button the user clicked. This value returns an empty string if the user clicked the notification somewhere other than an action button, or the notification does not have a button.

Instance methods

Inherits methods from its parent, ExtendableEvent.


Extends the lifetime of the event. Tells the browser that work is ongoing.


self.addEventListener('notificationclick', (event) => {
  console.log(`On notification click: ${event.notification.tag}`);

  // This looks to see if the current is already open and
  // focuses if it is
    type: "window"
  }).then((clientList) => {
    for (const client of clientList) {
      if (client.url === '/' && 'focus' in client)
        return client.focus();
    if (clients.openWindow)
      return clients.openWindow('/');


Notifications API Standard
# notificationevent

Note: This interface is specified in the Notifications API, but accessed through ServiceWorkerGlobalScope.

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