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The CSSAnimation interface of the Web Animations API represents an Animation object.


Inherits methods from its ancestor Animation and adds animationName.

CSSAnimation.animationNameRead only

Returns the animation name as a CSSOMString.

Event handlers

No specific event handlers; inherits methods from its ancestor Animation.


No specific methods; inherits methods from its ancestor Animation.


Inspecting the returned CSSAnimation

The animation in the following example is defined in CSS with the name slide-in. Calling Element.getAnimations() returns an array of all Animation objects. In our case this returns a CSSAnimation object, representing the animation created in CSS.

.animate {
  animation: slide-in 0.7s both;

@keyframes slide-in {
  0% {
    transform: translateY(-1000px);
  100% {
    transform: translateY(0);
let animations = document.querySelector(".animate").getAnimations();


CSS Animations Level 2 (CSS Animations 2)
# the-CSSAnimation-interface

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