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The WebXR Device API interface XRInputSourcesChangeEvent is used to represent the inputsourceschange event sent to an XRSession when the set of available WebXR input controllers changes.

Event XRInputSourcesChangeEvent



Creates and returns a new XRInputSourcesChangeEvent object. The specified type must be inputsourceschange, which is the only event that uses this interface.

Instance properties

added Read only

An array of zero or more XRInputSource objects, each representing an input device which has been newly connected or enabled for use.

removed Read only

An array of zero or more XRInputSource objects representing the input devices newly connected or enabled for use.

session Read only

The XRSession to which this input source change event is being directed.

Instance methods

While XRInputSourcesChangeEvent defines no methods of its own, it inherits methods from its parent interface, Event.

Event types


Delivered to the XRSession when the set of input devices available to it changes.


The following example shows how to set up an event handler which uses inputsourceschange events to detect newly-available pointing devices and to load their models in preparation to display them in the next animation frame.

xrSession.addEventListener("inputsourceschange", onInputSourcesChange);

function onInputSourcesChange(event) {
  for (const input of event.added) {
    if (input.targetRayMode === "tracked-pointer") {

You can also add a handler for inputsourceschange events by setting the oninputsourceschange event handler:

xrSession.oninputsourceschange = onInputSourcesChange;


WebXR Device API
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