The RTCRtpParameters dictionary is the basic object describing the parameters of an RTP transport. It is extended separately for senders and receivers in the form of the RTCRtpSendParameters and RTCRtpReceiveParameters dictionaries.

To obtain the parameters of a sender or receiver, call its getParameters() method:

Instance properties


An array of RTCRtpCodecParameters objects describing the set of codecs from which the sender or receiver will choose. This parameter cannot be changed once initially set.


An array of zero or more RTP header extensions, each identifying an extension supported by the sender or receiver. Header extensions are described in RFC 3550, section 5.3.1. This parameter cannot be changed once initially set.


An RTCRtcpParameters object providing the configuration parameters used for RTCP on the sender or receiver. This parameter cannot be changed once initially set.


This example obtains the canonical name (CNAME) being used for RTCP on an RTCRtpSender or RTCRtpReceiver.

function getRtpCNAME(rtpObject) {
  let parameters = rtpObject.getParameters();

  return parameters.rtcp.cname;


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