The RTCDataChannelEvent interface represents an event related to a specific RTCDataChannel.

Event RTCDataChannelEvent



Creates a new RTCDataChannelEvent.

Instance properties

Also inherits properties from Event.

channel Read only

Returns the RTCDataChannel associated with the event.


In this example, the datachannel event handler is set up to save the data channel reference and set up handlers for the events which need to be monitored. The channel property provides the RTCDataChannel representing the connection to the other peer.

pc.ondatachannel = (event) => {
  inboundDataChannel = event.channel;
  inboundDataChannel.onmessage = handleIncomingMessage;
  inboundDataChannel.onopen = handleChannelOpen;
  inboundDataChannel.onclose = handleChannelClose;

See A simple RTCDataChannel sample for another, more complete, example of how to use data channels.


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