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The PushSubscription interface of the Push API provides a subcription's URL endpoint and allows unsubscription from a push service.

An instance of this interface can be serialized.


PushSubscription.endpoint Read only

A USVString containing the endpoint associated with the push subscription.

PushSubscription.expirationTime Read only

DOMHighResTimeStamp of the subscription expiration time associated with the push subscription, if there is one, or null otherwise.

PushSubscription.options Read only

An object containing the options used to create the subscription.

PushSubscription.subscriptionId Read only

A DOMString containing the subscription ID associated with the push subscription.



Returns an ArrayBuffer which contains the client's public key, which can then be sent to a server and used in encrypting push message data.


Standard serializer — returns a JSON representation of the subscription properties.


Starts the asynchronous process of unsubscribing from the push service, returning a Promise that resolves to a boolean value when the current subscription is successfully unregistered.


navigator.serviceWorker.ready.then(function(reg) {
  reg.pushManager.getSubscription().then(function(subscription) {
    subscription.unsubscribe().then(function(successful) {
      // You've successfully unsubscribed
    }).catch(function(e) {
      // Unsubscription failed


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