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The PaymentCurrencyAmount dictionary describes an amount of money in terms of both a number of units and the currency (US dollars, Euro, yen, etc.), and is part of the Payment Request API.

This is used to specify the prices of both line items on a payment, using PaymentItem objects, and to provide the cost of a shipping option, using PaymentShippingOption.


All properties are required.


A string containing a valid 3-letter ISO 4217 currency identifier (ISO 4217) indicating the currency used for the payment value.


A string containing a valid decimal value representing the mount of currency constituting the payment amount. This string must only contain an optional leading "-" to indicate a negative value, then one or more digits from 0 to 9, and an optional decimal point (".", regardless of locale) followed by at least one more digit. No whitespace is permitted.

Obsolete properties

These properties have been removed from the specification and should no longer be used.

currencySystem Optional

A string describing the standard or specification as well as the currency system identifier within that system which was used to provide the value. This has been removed; instead of allowing sites to choose the standard to use, ISO 4217 is always used for the currency identifier now.


Payment Request API
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