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The GPUCanvasContext interface of the WebGPU API represents the WebGPU rendering context of a <canvas> element, returned via an HTMLCanvasElement.getContext() call with a contextType of "webgpu".

Instance properties

canvas Experimental Read only

Returns a reference to the canvas that the context was created from.

Instance methods

configure() Experimental

Configures the context to use for rendering with a given GPUDevice and clears the canvas to transparent black.

getCurrentTexture() Experimental

Returns the next GPUTexture to be composited to the document by the canvas context.

unconfigure() Experimental

Removes any previously-set context configuration, and destroys any textures produced while the canvas context was configured.


const canvas = document.querySelector("#gpuCanvas");
const context = canvas.getContext("webgpu");

  device: device,
  format: navigator.gpu.getPreferredCanvasFormat(),
  alphaMode: "premultiplied",


# gpucanvascontext

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