The CSSFontFeatureValuesRule interface represents an @font-feature-values at-rule, letting developers assign for each font face a common name to specify features indices to be used in font-variant-alternates.

CSSRule CSSFontFeatureValuesRule

Instance properties

Inherits properties from its ancestor CSSRule.


A string that identifies the font family this rule applies to.

Instance methods

Inherits methods from its ancestor CSSRule.


Read font family

In this example, we declare two @font-feature-values one for the Font One font family, and the other for Font Two. We then use the CSSOM to read these font families, displaying them into the log.


<pre id="log"></pre>


/* At-rule for "nice-style" in Font One */
@font-feature-values Font One {
  @styleset {
    nice-style: 12;

/* At-rule for "nice-style" in Font Two */
@font-feature-values Font Two {
  @styleset {
    nice-style: 4;

/* Apply the at-rules with a single declaration */
.nice-look {
  font-variant-alternates: styleset(nice-style);


const log = document.getElementById("log");
const rules = document.styleSheets[document.styleSheets.length - 1].cssRules;

const fontOne = rules[0]; // A CSSFontFeatureValuesRule
log.textContent = `The 1st '@font-feature-values' family: "${fontOne.fontFamily}".\n`;

const fontTwo = rules[1]; // Another CSSFontFeatureValuesRule
log.textContent += `The 2nd '@font-feature-values' family: "${fontTwo.fontFamily}".`;


CSS Fonts Module Level 4
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