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Since December 14th 2020, MDN has been running on the new GitHub-based Yari platform. This has a lot of advantages for MDN, but we've needed to make radical changes to the way in which we handle localization. This is because we've ended up with a lot of unmaintained and out-of-date content in our non-en-US locales, and we want to manage it better in the future.

We have frozen all localized content (meaning that we won't accept any edits to it; it'll be read-only), EXCEPT for the below locales — these locales have dedicated teams taking responsibility for maintaining them.

Active locales

Note: If you want to contribute to one of the existing active locales get in touch with one of the active members listed below, or contact us for help.

Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR)

Chinese (zh-CN, zh-TW)

French (fr)

Japanese (ja)

Korea (ko)

Russian (ru)

Spanish (es)

Note: If you want to discuss unfreezing a currently frozen locale, the guidelines on what is required can be found here.

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